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Grieving mother in law

Hi, my partners father died 7 months ago now suddenly from an illness. I live with him and his mother, but this last month or two I feel anxious and scared and on edge like im waiting to be left alone as a widow in life. I see how hard it is for his mum. Im living in fear my partner could die on me oneday to :( early in life. I know we all die oneday but its not something I want to obsess about like I am lately. I just want to live happily. please help

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this is a link to a post that might help you understand what is happening a bit better and find a way of dealing with the thoughts



Thank you for that. Your post makes total sense. But is it normal for me to experience what I am? My partner doesn't even seem affected by his dad dying. (they had a bad relationship)...


people are very different and there is no way of knowing how you are going to react to a particular death, regardless of what the relationship was.

Are you able to talk to your husband at all about how you are feeling - or to anyone else. May be talking things through with your mother-in-law might help both of you. Part of grieving is moving from remembering the person as dying to remembering them as they were when they were alive so may be talking with your mother-in-law about her memories might help both of you as it sounds as if she isn't able to do that with your husband.


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