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I want my life back.anyone feel like this


I want my life back but i can t do this alone even with a therapist i m lost to follow up and i feel like im dying inside frozen in my bed right now heart pounding

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Hi. I know how u feel. I used to feel the same way. We cant go back. Agonizing over that just doesnt work bc we cant rewrite the past but we can write the future! Accept it and once you do a window of opportunity opens up for you to be stronger and more resilient than you have ever been before. Live for the future. Make changes to heal. I never want to go back to the person I was bc the person I am now is wiser, stronger, and more determined and happier than I have ever been before. Working through anxiety and depression has shown me just how much of a bad ass I really am. I hope this helps. Good luck to you.


How did u do it

How did u do it i can t eat lunch today i feel like i am losing my battle now sweaty and scared i live alone

Take one day at a time. Do u have a therapist?

Yes but i also just bought some sessions with an online group

Ok that's good. Steps in the right direction. Have u tried any coping techniques like grounding or deep breathing? How about exercise, yoga, meditation? These help tremendously.

Running around thr house

I believe you will find better results with the things I suggested. Look them up on you tube. I like "positive magazine" for meditation

I tried an online couselling service who did not want me.they paired me with a man and i wanted a girl i was too much trouble they will refund my money

Anything else i can do to stop these panic attacks i believe being alone is causing a lot of my issues

You did nothing wrong. You have a right to ask for a woman.

Thank you

I can t breath in panic attack now anybody had this

Make a new post with this question and you'll get many responses. Yes, this happened to me too

I just called my therapist maybe she ll call me bacj today i m in the usa indiana not very good mental health care and i need some one to talk to since i am by myself.that can relate to these panic attacks i also have a new heart problem and i have started relieing on my pain meds to stop the chest pain and the panic no one where i live is divorced and my age


Me too i have so many things going on in my life abnormal pap brain ct scan needs follow up i am so afraid i want my life back

Hi. I think some introspection is good for something like this. It seems like you want help, and you're willing to help yourself however you can. I understand that you "want your life back." What was your life? How did it feel? Were you happy? Did you have pet peeves? Did you have things that you no longer have? Was your life better than yours now? I know it's hard to think that you've lost your life, but it might help to start from scratch. Start with what you feel. Your sensations. Perhaps you don't like them, but that's okay. It's okay to feel whatever it is that you feel. Physically or mentally. I think if you focus on being rather than thinking, things will start to fall into place. This is from someone who has had the same exact feelings as you do right now.


Lessthanone in reply to lgehami

My life was a family he s gone and thecpanic attacks only go away with sleep

Plis hell never come back and i m alone

He was so good and so bad but now no onr

I feel the exact same way, Im also going to therapy (have been since November 2020) and even though its been for a short time I feel like its not working. I still feel lost and sad and still hate myself. And I get those feelings too of panic, like a panic attack. I usually let them pass but I think if you find yourself in that situation again its best to breath, breathing can be seen as overacted but if you do it right It helps. Also if you try going and finding something you love to do, that might be hard to do because for a while I didn't know myself, but its skateboarding.

I m too old for that i used to love my job thats gone and someone to love me is gone bella my loves me but not the same .i hate myself i wake up in panic that the house will be gone that wr wont get low income housing that i m better off dead i don t know i m alone .where there was something now nothing i used to love to cook no onr to cook for and an empty cold house my back hurts my body feels lost ...i dont knoe i can t panic any more they can just come i dont care

I want to be myself again in some way make any sense without meds so dont sweat like a pig to eat a meal and enjoy it .i m alone .to give my dog love to hear her bark to not miss hannah so much not to be this old and afraid of everything no one cares i eas a med tecj took care of people now can hardly take care of me was a big deal go to the kitchen make a cupa anf come back to bed but not like something is chasing me.does anyone feel that.the panic chases me

I understand, everyone has their own interests. From what I have read though, I think you're taking the right steps, like going to therapy and joining an online support group, you never know what type of people you could meet. Everything takes time sadly, it sucks but if we don't wait we don't know what we might miss out on, if I didn't wait a year ago I would have been gone, and never met the first person who has taught me love. Do you have any family?

No i have no family my husband left me and i m all alone with my dog in a big house i got in the divorce.the online people dont want me.they are refunding my money..

I m here alone my pain meds work better than my panic meds to stop the panic .plus i m afraid to drive on the snow and ice

I miss having someone to miss me to laugh with to love to reach out to when you are sick like u love the lord but different like i used to listen to lennon sing imagine and it soothed me that i know being alone is ok we are all alone together make any sense......🦋

My father died january 19 1973 i was just a kid i had the flu i remember l let him down too

Have been that way for 4 or 5 years. At least 2 misdiagnosis but I continue with my shrink & counselor. Stop and take deep breaths regularly. Make sure you have someone you can "share:. Consider prayer? Good luck

Good luck is right i can t seem to get better just called my shrink no help

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