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Anxiety, fear and just being worried all the time makes me feel sick to my stomach


Hi everyone hope everyone is having a good 4th.

I just need to express and let all these feelings that are consuming me out. I can't control it I can't stop thinking about it cant stop crying😢😢 I have 2 little girls we as parents never leave them anywhere no sleepovers or being by themselves. My hubby is in the service is deployed so it's only myself and girls. This is the first time EVER I let them go with family in another state. My hubby spoke to his parents requesting certain things that we are parents wanted in the time they were. Long story short what we asked not to be done was. When I found out my anxiety anger and all these feels just bunched up I couldn't control them. I called my husband on the other side of the world. Know my worries and fear is that I made the biggest mistake telling him what happened. I can't stop thinking and blaming myself that I might have caused a huge gap between his family and him. I don't know what to do?? How can I stop this anxiety and worrying!! What do I do..i just can't stop thinking about it all I do is cry and cry. Please someone give me some advice. I feel like I am going to DIE!!

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You kids are with your husbands family rigth? so you can calm down, they are with people that love them as much as you, their grandparents won't let nothing bad happen and i'm sure your daughters will come back home safe and sound.

But if you are really worried, call them, talk with your kids, ask if they are feeling well

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