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I have anxiety and depression for 41/2 years. Been to doctors and therapists. I cry all the time. I'm scared of the feelings which is making it worse. I take klonopin cymbalta and buspar. They are try to take me down off klonopin so far I'm 1/2mg. I'm in a partial hospitalization program. I go everyday and all weekend I'm crying. Please if anyone has some help.

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I take 4 mg I'm down 1/2mg

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Hi Trees, you need to continue weanng off your medication..even a 1/4mg every 2 weeks will get you there. The longer you stay on the last dose the more you suffer since you are neither here nor there. Be safe but always go forward. Never go back up on the dose or stop at where you are. x


I'm so sorry you are going through this. First , are you crying because if a certain circumstance ? Or just because and don't know why? If you do t know why , then maybe you need to watch your meds, just listen to your doctor and try and find something that makes you happy and make yourself do it. It's not easy but your mind will be busy . God Bless, keep in touch


Hello again. You are still worrying about the slow reduction of your Klonopin, but have been dealing with it like a champ! Even though you are having some emotional reactions at home on the weekends, this is not going to last forever. You have attended your partial day hospitalization program every day. You are showing progress and even the way you write your posts are more on point and not jumping from one concern to another and your fear of Klonopin being reduced.

It's not easy to deal with change, I hope you have discussed your fear or sadness with your family so they can better understand what is happening with you. Please think of something pleasant when you are feeling unhappy, or walk where you can cry if you want to where no one will notice. Sometimes crying is a natural way to deal with unhappiness and worry. Sometimes you may feel better after you have a good cry.

This not going to last forever. Please hang in there. We're always here for you. xoxo


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