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Feels like a lump in my throat

For a while I've noticed I get a a feeling like there'd be a lump on the side of my throat and it's more noticeable when I swallow. It gets uncomfortable and I do deep breathing. It goes away when I eat. Though sometimes it feels like it's harder to swallow.

Has anyone else experienced this? I know it's related to anxiety. Any tips on reducing it

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I get that feeling quite a lot. Most of my anxiety symptoms are my throat. I get a really dry throats when I'm anxious and feels like a lump in throat feeling on my right side and feels like I can't swallow properly. I can't give any tips on how to get rid of it as I know it is anxiety and the more anxious we are the more tense we become so that makes the throat feeling worse. It's an awful thing to have to go thru


Hi nmp1, Lyns1411 explained the feeling perfectly. Knowing it's anxiety related is a start. It is usually accompanied by dryness of the mouth and throat. Fear of not being able to swallow or breathe only makes it worse and so what is best to do is sip on some warm/hot drink. Not caffeinated. Warm tea or chicken broth sipped slowly will offer some relaxation to your throat muscles. Gently massaging the front of your throat will help relax the muscles and soft tissue. Doing meditation and deep breathing is just another way to calm the mind and body. Try not to focus on it and get your mind busy with something else. It is just another one of anxiety's way of getting our attention. Take care. You will be okay x


Nothing to worry about nmp1, it's a very common symptom of anxiety called Globus Hystericus, at least twice a week someone reports it on thos forum, I had it once 20 years ago. Just accept it for the time being and it will go, if you worry and stress about it then it will take longer to clear up

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