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Feel like i'm in a nightmare this all started when went to physical therapy


I was having some back pains in the lower part of my back & was sent to PT, since going only went twice in a 2 week difference i noticed the tingling down the arm & half way to the finger mention that to the PT next i went he brushed it off if it gets worse we will address it, then when the 2nd session ended he touched my neck which i was there for my lower back he pulled it i cant really remember after that i got a stiff neck thought it was from the traveling 10days later the headaches started with pressure with tension now congestion in the head so it took me a month to piece together this puzzle & nightmare now all this has caused me sleepness night aniexty 😡

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I read your post twice. Sorry, you're having problems. But am a little unsure why you are associating your physical therapy with causing "sleepless night" anxiety. I'm not familiar with "sleepless night anxiety."

If you are still having arm tingling and now head or neck problems, maybe you should see your GP or a neurologist to check for a neck "pinched nerve". You are right that a stiff neck may be from traveling and muscle tension. Doesn't really appear your physical therapy caused you any harm. I had physical therapy often to relieve my neck and arm pain.

I've had neck surgery and fusions twice, but my neck and head were never tense, nor did I have sleep problems other than from pain in my arm. I had arm pain in my upper arm, and some tingling in my hand, and some numbness in my fingers.

I hope you are able to see the right doctor examine you, and hopefully put your worries to rest.

Gloria_carr in reply to Hidden

I wasnt having neck pains until after he did something to my neck i went him for my lower back & i didnt associated theraphy with aniexty i got aniexty from waiting to see whats wrong with me why i"m having these headaches went the hospital twice seen my dr twice thats stress when they cant seem to find out whats wrong with u thats where the aniexty came. From & i have had MRI & Ct scan & blood work done all good. My symptoms started after my therapy visits. I know this i was fine until he did something to my neck i cant sleep bc of the pressure in my head unless i sleep on my back & thats uncomfortable to me sorry u misunderstood my. Post

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Hummm. Thank goodness your MRI CAT Scan and blood work came back negative. That eliminates nerve damage and muscle damage, I hope. Also hope you are able to see a neurologist about your head pressure and get an answer. In the meantime, you'll be in my hopes and thoughts.

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