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Latching onto something new

Hi guys' I wondered if any of those with health anxiety jump from illness to illness? And if so what sort of things do you do to assure yourself you're ok? I'm still obsessed with dvt at the moment. But before this it was heart attack. And before that it was random rare heart conditions... I just want to be able to go a day not bothering about my achy arm being a big thing about death!!

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This is all classic health anxiety. You must stop googling your symptoms and unless there are visible signs, it is likely all your symptoms will be due to anxiety and will be magnified by reading up about them

Heart, chest/breathing, swallowing and headaches are the commonest health anxiety symptoms


Yes, I go back and forth from many different things. I scare myself thinking when will it be real. Is this new symptom really the start of something. I think about people I know who have been diagnosis with things and what exact moment their symptoms started and their whole life changed. I worry every day when I get yo when the other shoe will drop and what scary things the day may hold. It makes me depressed to even admit this, I struggle more with being afraid to live than actually being dead. I hate anxiety!

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I can certainly relate to the being afraid to live and hating anxiety. However, I believe in God, and in choosing life, so I pray my way through all kinds of situations that most people don't find difficult (like going for a walk by myself). I am also seeing a psychologist who specialises in health anxiety and we are making slow progress. I am also making an effort to practice being grateful and noticing the good things that I see, hear, smell, experience each day - in order to retrain my brain.

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