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Loss of Appetite

Basically I have loss of appetite during the month. And yesterday I scared myself later in the evening because I remembered I had eaten anything but a couple of chips and fries (snacks) and a couple sips of juice during the day. It's like I completely forgot to eat and it scares me. I had oatmeal before bed because I could start feeling a gnawing and odd feeling above but near my stomach. I wake up this morning with the same, almost pit falling feeling and it's hard to want to eat anything right now. Iv'e done thins to myself before where I didn't eat the day before and have to deal with feeling this.

Do you have any advise to get an appetite back and if there's something that I can do today to feel "normal".

Thank you

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Try eating little and often so you are not overwhelmed by food. Tryto keep it healthy and see it as a way of loving yourself. I lost my appetite for months at a time but once i started eating healthy and honouring my body i learned to love myself. Not egotistically but as you woukd love a family member. I also took probiotics to keep my gut healthy

All the best

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I've lost my appetite as well for weeks at a time. Literally I ate nothing, I just couldn't stomach any food and nothing tasted good. I ended up losing 30 lbs because of it. It's not a healthy thing for the body and the stomach if you don't eat. Obviously you're not getting the nutrients that you need etc. Try to slowly ease your way back to food. Maybe eat small snacks more frequently (fruits, oatmeal bars). Or try making yourself a shake with fruits and vegetables so you can at least get the proper nutrients. If you have a favorite food, try eating that. Hope this helps and good luck.

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