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Feeling Shaky without cause

I have these feelings of doom, out of nowhere. I had everything from head to toe checked out by all kinds of medical specialist, everything comes out ok except for some mild RA. Start a sweat like crazy. My lips get numb, and my hands feel numb too. Its the feeling of dropping dead right there that makes everything worst. I am multi- symptomatic and yet all labs come out ok. Ahhhhh

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Yeah, that exactly describes a panic attack! I feel the same except I don't fear I am going to die but I have a major fear of passing out, I take medication and do therapy which have helped, You have to let the feelings happen and your anxiety will decrease because you will find out you are not dying!


Thank really apreciate your advice. These feelings are really nerve wrecky. They just come about, even when i can be all relaxed and makes me feel like i have some serious illness. I will begin relaxing exercises.


I think this feeling of doom and shaky /sweating is caused by adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion. I wake in the middle of the night with it. Get your cortisol (your stress hormone) tested, with a saliva test; you can do it at home. Doctors, like NHS GPs won't recognise this test, but at least you will then know to treat your adrenals with extra care: there's lots on the internet, but no quick fix.


Wow thanks will do so. Any particular pharmacy i can get it? I still get those panic attacks but not as bad anymore

I visited at accupunturist doc and have made some progress. But will do the cortisol test too.


Hey just wanted to send some positive energy your way

I hope you feel better.

Being shaky like that is usually one of the symptoms of dealing with panic & anxiety

Unfortunately just thinking about it can contribute to making things worse.

Try and relax in a soft bed or comfortable setting. Try to focus on breathing calmly and relax your mind


Thanks a million i have been visiting an accupunture doc and have made some progress. Still get a scare once in a while and cannot cope with any bad news. But i come to terms with what ever comes along, life isn't easy for anyone. I will take advise of taking a cortisol test too. What ever makes me come back to the way is well worth the try. Wishing all u guys the best and lets keep those positive vibes running.


What ever brings me back to who i was before all this is worth the effort.


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