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Anxiety getting me down

My anxiety is so bad it has left me feeling like I can't do anything. I'm so tired of this feeling it's sulking all the happiness out of me. My physical symptoms seem to be getting a lot worse I keep thinking the worst. I'm constantly thinking that I have a health problem. I feel weak all the time. :( why does anxiety cause loads of physical symptoms?

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I'm exactly the same i keep think anxiety can't cause this many problems, recently my head has started to feel so weird like i have this pressure in my head all day and everyday, i keep thinking it's something serious, i have just got over other symptoms and now i have this. It feels like a never ending battle for happiness


Hi Melisa22,

Every person here who suffers from anxiety will have different physical symptoms. It varies from person to person on what we experience. Anxiety can tire you out both physically and mentally. Anxiety can be really frightening when you have a bad anxiety attack as your brain can trick your body into reacting! It's the adrenaline rushing through our bodies with the anxiety that tires us out mentally and physically.

"All anxiety symptoms can be explained by the powerful hormone adrenalin in the system, breathing wrong and the body preparing for the fight and flight response."

"Although symptoms are unpleasant they will not harm us."

this is from:

Breaking the cycle of anxious thinking is one of the hardest things to do as the more you think about having an anxiety attack the worse your own anxiety becomes.

One amazing way to try and break the cycle of anxious thinking is to "change the focus" using a mindfulness technique. I've taken this bit from a selp-help website, but it works for me when I need to try and banish those anxious thoughts:

"You could include a set time of doing a mundane activity with your full attention, initially for 3 minutes twice a day, then gradually increase. For example, when doing the washing up, you can practise using your senses to shift your focus and notice:

the temperature of the water and how it feels on your skin

the texture of the bubbles

the sound of the bubbles as they softly pop continuously

the sound of the water as you move the crockery about

the smoothness of the crockery

the texture of the sponge

the smell of the washing liquid etc".

hope you feel better soon and have a read of the websites :) remember we are all anxiety sufferers here and our experience means we can help each other out! :)


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