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Is anyone else more scared of the pain of dying, rather than death itself?

I need to see if anyone else feels this way, I am barely affected by the thought of death itself, but the pain that accompanies it is what scares me. Whether it be eternal oblivion or some form of an afterlife, death itself doesn't really bother me, especially since it is inevitable. There isn't many painless ways to die, unless by suicide there is only a couple painless ways to go, but things more "natural" like heart attacks and strokes sound like a living hell to go through. Does anyone else feel this way? I mean panic attacks already feel terrible for me, especially when they are extreme and last a long time, but it couldn't compare to the actual thing.

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Hi Sezor,

Absolutely. I think this is a very normal fear.


Hello. Have you ever found anyone who did not have hope that he would die painlessly?

I think you have your answer. The question is why are you dwelling on it? You aren't planning an exit at the moment, are you? If so, please reconsider that until you are able to talk to some one. Whether it's your therapist, doctor, clergy person, or the crisis line in your area. Just talk to someone.


No no no, I am far from taking my own life. Just my anxiety makes it seem like I will die lol. And I guess you are right, everybody would most likely want to go out painlessly, only exception would maybe be masochists.

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I feel the same way!!


hi yes all the time, thats why i suffer from severe HA.


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