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Feeling out of place

For the past 3 days my anxiety has been over the roof i have been feeling weak and sometimes heart beats fast and sometimes i get palpitations also i sometimes feel unbalanced when i walk and it almost feels like i have food poisoning because my stomach has been feeling and acting weird. Has anyone felt this way before?? It sucks im a 26 year old male. Help!!!!!

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Yes, I have felt this way before. I felt this way before I got on anxiety medication. Anxiety medication is not for everyone who has anxiety problems but if the problems are as bad as your describing than you might want to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist to see about medication. Once your on medication the physical symptoms of anxiety start to disappear over time. Once you have the physical symptoms under control with medication that's when you can finally start to work on the emtional problems that are causing the anxiety. If your already on medication than I might consider calling your psychiatrist/doctor because the dose or type of medication might not be ideal for you. In the mean time try meditating. There is a good application for deceives called "stop, breath, and think".

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Thanks i will download that app. I was prescribed ativan but i have not taken it at all i didnt want to be addicted to it but i guess its time i give it a try . i would like to talk to you more about my anxiety problem i felt like i was alone noone in my family understands me it sucks .


Your welcome. A lot of the meditations on the app are free; there are some that need to be paid for but it is worth it if you are using them and they benefit you. Another nice thing about the app is that you can turn your cell phone screen off (so there's not a bright light in your face when your trying to relax) and the meditation still plays as normal. As for being concerned about getting addicted to the drugs that is very much a valid concern. I am taking fluoxetine (Prozac); with this medication I take 60 mg once per day. I have been on the medication for about two years and I haven't had any side effects or any signs of an addiction to it. For the medication you were prescribed I would spend some time on the internet researching it; seeing what others have said who took it. If you feel comfortable after that than I would take the medication as to how it was prescribed. If your not I would go back and see your doctor again and tell them what you don't feel comfortable with and see if there is another medication that would work better for you. I can understand how you feel. For the first few years I had my intense anxiety problems my mom and dad didn't really understand (I was living at home). I had to quit college and my job and put everything on hold because I literally could not function. It was frustrating because my father had and still has mental health problems. My dad was not working because of it and my mom was very understanding towards him. But when it came to me both of my parents saw my anxiety as not existing and were upset at my behaviors. When your family doesn't understand than can make your anxiety worse, make you sad, and angry; that's how I felt at the time. What makes you feel like they don't understand?


Well they tell me I'm just crazy lol and I tell them no it's real feelings and thoughts that go thru your body.


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