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I have the strangest fear, of having a seizure. I am not epileptic, have never had a seizure and have only passed out one time in my 21 years of life! I don't even think I have a family history of seizures. But for some reason I can't shake this fear. I think about it everyday, "will I have a seizure today? What if it happens when I'm doing..." and so on, I know that anticipating and what ifs make it worse. Any tips on how I can stop this thought pattern? It sucks and I don't understand it :( Cinvinced I have temporal lobe epilepsy or partial seizures Instead of panic attack. The physical symptoms of anxiety are so strange and exhausting, my head always feels weird

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Go to the ER or your doctor ... I WAS ALWAYS qusitoning when was i going to have my heart attack i had chest pains numbness. So i went to the doctor and told me it was all in my head sometimes getting professional help can reassure you that you are okay ive been anxiety free for 3 months


I know that anticipating feelings are the worst. The moment I get a funny ache, pain, or twitch I go to anticipating everything worse to follow and my mind is stuck in tunnel vision and I can't focus.


Have that same fear of having a seizure. It's terrible, and idk where it comes from or what causes it either, but I try and refocus my mind to breathing and calm myself down. This is a tough symptom to shake off I know. So sorry you're going thru it. I got checked many yrs ago for seizures and it all came out normal.

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