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hello all :)

I have just received a txt message from my GP practise to repeat my routine blood test. I went on Friday and done them and already today asked me to repeat them??!! OMG!!! what they found??

I have called the practise and the receptionist told me "Next available appointment on Friday 9th " Me" should I worried, is it something urgent?" " No, is not urgent"


Did ever happen to you??

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Nikol910, if the receptionist has told you it's not urgent then accept it's non urgent. What often happens is they leave it a bit too long to test the blood samples and the blood coagulates so they can't test it and have to do it again. This has happened to my wife on several occasions. So just chill and rekax, everything is going to be fine.


thank you Jeff1943

I did the blood test on Friday and it sounded weird to ask me to repeat them already on Monday, it must be what you've said.

Also if it was something urgent they will asked me to go tomorrow?! - never happen to me before so i'm a bit anxious, but feel better now


Sadly, due to the arrogance of most doctors they will rarely tell you why you need to repeat a test, it is usually for some innocuous reason though and jeff1943's suggestion makes perfect sense. So don't worry. I had a specific test for a certain condition nearly 2 months ago. The test was compromised by my surgery and despite repeating the test, I am still waiting for the results!

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