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Hi I had started just today to develop the fear of dieing in my sleep. It all started when I was on my way to work for a late shift and I think I might have gotten some sort of panic attack in the bus. I stopped the bus and got out and went home to sleep as I had not slept the previous night due to family drama. I went straight to my boyfriend's home as this is where i normally get the best sleep of all. He was laying on his bed and me on the bed at the other end of the room. I been under alot of stress due to personal reasons and I called my mom in hospital crying over the phone like a baby but secretly wishing God could end my mysery. I am terrified of violence and usually think that i might get shot or stabbed in public. Whilst laying on the bed i thought to myself, I do not want to die a violent death as God can rather take me in my sleep and BAM!!!!!! Thats how it all started. That was this afternoon at 12 and im still awake. I need some help or the name of a good anxiety tablet please

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Hi Terrified2themax, that would do it...thinking it would be better for god to take you in your sleep. Now, your afraid He might grant that wish. It's not God you have to fear, it's the thought you put into your mind that you need to erase. It sounds like you have a lot going on in your life that is exacerbating your anxiety. Some fears are normal and are good to have, it keeps us on the alert (which is a good thing)

Taking an anxiety pill would do the trick except this wouldn't be a one time event. It seems like this thought is always with you. It would be better to talk with your doctor or therapist on doing some therapy to counteract your actions regarding these fears. Hopefully by now you are asleep.


I've had this happen to me too lately it's been with headaches use to not worry about them when I had them suddenly I get a weird feeling one and then boom now I think I'm having a stroke every time I get a headache. The only benefit of this is I don't worry about my heart as much exploding in me but looking back I'd rather be stressing about that again cause even if it was heart attack related issue hearts can be replaced, brains can't. So definitely know what you're going through. I think in the beginning of my anxiety I was having trouble sleeping and took some sleeping pills only to freak out and like you think that the pills would have some weird effect on me causing me not to wake up. The ironic part is I've taking this several times BA (before anxiety) and didn't think twice about it.

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