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Hi, I'm a 22 year old pregnant female I've had anxiety for a few years and with this pregnancy I can't tell if it's something more than anxiety or not. The drs have done blood tests, ekg, chest and lung x ray. All said everything was fine but I can't shake this feeling that something is really wrong. Also my shoulders and neck have been so sore for almost 2 months. I'm 11 weeks today..

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Hey there, if they've done testings and nothing stands out then it's probably the anxiety making you over think. The soreness could be stress or from tensing your muscles. Try some deep breathing, or place a warm towel around your neck and shoulders. Also talk with your doctor to see ways you can keep from feeling anxious and see if it's safe to do some yoga. You could also look into mediation.

I wish you the best! And congratulations on the new life!

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I'm sure you are having anxiety. It can be nerve wrecking being pregnant (I have 2 kids) but it'll be ok. Try to enjoy being pregnant and let the anxiety drift away. Don't focus on scary things. Anxiety can trap you in and make you feel lost, don't let it get to you 💚 I wish you luck!

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