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I was on NuvaRing for 9 days before I wad diagnosed with costochondritis. Since then I've still had back of calf pain, inner arm pain and chest pain that hasn't gone away for 5 months now. I've seen my doctor as well as had an xray and several blood tests done. All say I'm healthy but I'm in pain every day which only makes my anxiety worse knowing it's not getting better. My doctor says it's my anxiety causing the problem and recommended me to a neurofeedback practitioner. That has helped my anxiety but I'm still plagued by pain. Help?

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I have costrocondritis as well. After years I saw a new mental health professional the other day. After only 2 minutes she said I have h.v.s I'd never heard of this before. Hyper ventilation syndrome. She said a breathing disorder causes the pain. 10 percent of population apparently breathe incorrect. I've been referred to a physio who specialises in retraining the body to breathe correct. May be no help to you but I'm over constant chest pain

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