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Hi my name is Chris I'm 21 years old I am a male and this is my roller coaster I go from doing okay to back where I restarted and it's very frustrating. I've been in the withholdings are you worried if he is now in mainly revolves around my heart I said almost every symptom known to man from skipped heartbeats all day To feeling 3 skipped beats ina row. I've had many multiple EKGs to blood test chesr x-rays and my doctor has even listen to my heart and everything sounds beautiful but he done a stress test on me for good measures. He also sent me to a cardiologist for a echo cardio gram which was normal and A 30 day event monitor which all was normal. But now he recently I've been checking my blood pressure which is really normal 118/78 two 120/82 but for the past couple of days randomly anxious my blood pressure has gone up to 152/106 and it's really frustrating because I feel like I was getting better and then this happens has anyone ever experienced this any advice??? I really would love to start working out again maybe that will help out our used to be really active and very muscular and pretty mascular but of course ive not been working out because I'm afraid of my health for the past couple of months and also the blood pressure spikes are only at night for the most part and our company by sweaty cold hands and even the shakes sometimes i'm really just like to have some help or any helpful advice please! 😭 And before anyone ask I am not overweight

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