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Feeling like something would be kicking me to the chest from inside

Another day with fear. Today it is a bit different. all was ok from the morning. Now few times i felt like something would be beating me to the chest from inside, or kicking me ..hard to explain.. is not the typical bubbles as i had before that should be from reflux as the doctor said, not it is like bum bum .. like fist from inside. Somebody please feeling something same ?

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That would be your heart beating. If you are afraid of what you are feeling, why not try to get a second opinion of the diagnosis you got there?

We aren't tied down to just the one doctor you know. You are the consumer here, you are free to shop around.


Hi, i have been visiting doctor and emergency so many times in the past already.. always got esg, blood tests, even blood tests from aorta .. always all good.. i am from finland so there i got some tests.. now i work for few months in UK so here i got already tests too.. in both places all is good... i just feel more and more weird things in my chest..


Only if she is in the US and doesn't have a HMO insurance plan. :)


Hellooooo! For years I had nonstop anxiety that felt like some icey cold fist was plunged into my chest and squeezing all my internal organs...but try to explain that to a doctor without his head spinning around his body in circles! lol

I didn't know that was actually a description of pain from anxiety. So I have no doubt that your situation could be anxiety showing its ugly head.

But you do have GAD, and perhaps that's involved. So you may have to have that checked.

( Now if your head starts spinning around let me know...I want you to meet my doctor to prove to him that my anxiety physical feelings weren't acid reflux!. :)

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Hi, thank you for your answer :) I suffer with anxiety almost year already, and having mainly fear from heart attack, so i had a lot heart checks and blood tests etc.. all is always coming up as totally normal. With the bubbles in the chest i have sometime.. had it much more.. really helped the pills for reflux. But now, this feeling is totally different.. and it comes even when i dont feel anxiety. I dont think this bum bum thing in my chest would be from the reflux too.. is usually on left side of chest, not totally around hear, more left from the heart .. sometime it is like smaller knocking.. sometime like kicking inside.. and it feels like it moves from up down.. is hard to explain... i dont know if it can be from the anxiety too


Well, good your head isn't spinning around and you're not holding onto your chest and pacing and pacing for hours like I did.

Really don't know what to say...I have a mitrovalve prolapse and sometimes one can hear it click if one's ear is placed on my chest..but often when I have a check up I ask the doctors did you hear "it"? They usually answer "hear what"... so who knows. Our bodies and minds are complicated creations.

If you have a regular check up due, ask the doctor about this. I really don't know your physical situation well, so have no idea if this is just a part of adult life changes in your body or something that should be looked after now.

Guess that depends on how concerned you are about it and whether you have health over- concerns periodically. Just because you say you don't feel anxious, doesn't mean you're not concerned about something and it may be manifesting itself in this manner.

In any case, use your best judgment, but I did want you to know I took you seriously and want you to take the best care you feel is necessary as you only have one body to love and maintain for all your life.

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