Paranoid thoughts vs reality

I am feeling paranoid. I am aware that I am suspicious of certain things or people. What I don't know is how to stop. And it gets tricky because now you don't know if there is a real threat or its just all in your head. Are the monsters real and out there or are they just in your head?

I think this has caused a lot of damage to some of my relationships (at school/work/relatives). It feels like self sabotage.

I thought the people at work were against me. I voiced that out now they think I am fake. That really bothers me. I just needed to vent


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  • It's best to share your concerns with a trusted friend and perhaps be aware that you tend to the paranoia!

  • Thanks so much. I think I will do just that because it will prevent a lot of unnecessary problems.

  • Hi LoneRanger01. I'm concerned that thoughts re "paranoia" can be founded in fact. I got really paranoid about a DWP decision I could see hadno basis. ThenI found the Atos medical on which the decision was based, was a work of fantasy. DWP refuse to acknowledge the irregularities so I hope going before a Tribunal as a LIP can show the perjured items. (Don't think they though I'd use a FOI application to get copies of all the reports! Gather all the facts before you turn to paranoia.

  • Hi Finglas- Boy. I think you are absolutely right. That makes sense as it is the practical thing to do. I really hear that and will put it in mind every time. Get the facts first, then judge if it is an actual undeniable fact or just paranoia.

    Thanks for that

  • That said, LoneRanger - Doesn't mean I don't believe there are some folk who don't deserve to be judged! BW

  • Yeah I understand that hey.

  • When you over think, or your mind is overalert due to this it will become like a runaway train and starts making up stories...

    Ignore them and rest your mind, go for a walk in nature and silence..

    Best wishes

  • Thanks Stephen for the kind words. Xx

  • It is only your mind making up stories!

  • We're fortunate to live in the country so the peace & quiet is always @ the bottom of the garden. But the problems are finding the energy. And only getting 3-4 hrs sleep @ a time, it's then the dark & quite scary thoughts come.

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