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i just panicked what just happen

Doo im laying down and for some reason i felt like my neck or thyriod just get like tite like a prussure or trying to calm down and i couldnt i got up and i felt my thyriod and geart just besting hard and slow thinking it just going to stop it made me panick i dont what is wrong felt like i was about to do and im still feeling it like a nerve on my neck and my heart just beating so slow but hard like ready to stoped i need it creep me up i feel it in my neck like i cant relax and i started moving my head or jerking my neck trying to relax its just so hard to explain no one underatands like i really have bad nerves.

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You know what you need to do to help yourself, you have all the tools at your disposal, now it's up to you to put them to use.

Remember how many times you've had this symptoms and how many times you thought you were going to die, but yet you're still here. Every time I have that fear, I remind myself of that. I realize you don't want to take medication every day and I respect that. The other options are things like therapy at least once a week, yoga classes, prayer/meditation. Look on YouTube under breathing exercises. They're very helpful in teaching you to control your breathing through the panic. Also Google mindful meditation. They are recordings that will help guide your mind to more pleasant places and help you relax.

I know I've been harsh at times and it's because I see so much of myself in you back when my anxiety first started. If I could go back and do anything different, I would stop worrying so much about the future what ifs, stop worrying about the past and what might have caused my anxiety and instead focus on the right now.

There's an excellent book by Claire Weekes that I think is out of print now called Hope and Help for Your Nerves, but she explains the physiology of anxiety in what it does to our body. Her advice is to just let it happen as remember it always passes and doesn't last forever.

You're going to be okay. Remember you have all the tools at your disposal and you know what you have to do. You just have to step forward and do it. Hugs

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yeah thank you and i will honestly i could feel my self getting better

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