New symptoms. Is it cancer?????

As it is another week and different symptoms. I'm getting a strong throbbing in my head when ever I get up from lying down or bend over, blurred vision, pressure in my skull and eyes and confusion. And also a little off balanced and crazy headaches. Certain parts of my body twitches strongly for a really long time and I usually feel my feet pulsating strongly. I've had a ECG done and everything is OK. So is my bloodcount. I've read that cancer/ tumours can cause most of the above... Any suggestions???


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  • Hello . Like you I had the fear of a cancerous tumor because of the weird head sensations and other physical issues . Anxiety is a very evil and debilitating illness that makes us think the worst . If you want to rule out the worst then get a MRI or CAT scan . But I'm sure is anxiety because I too had similar symptoms .

  • Never look up symptoms! You're feeding your anxiety when you do that, your brain looks for ANYTHING to cause panic whether it's a new symptom or unexplained pain it's all a part of anxiety! I have the same symptoms and more just remember it is all normal, if you've been seen and told you're ok then BELIEVE it you can do this! Remember you are not alone!!! 😊

  • Muscle twitches are often down to not being properly hydrated and that can also cause headaches. Drink more water. You should drink 2l a day.

  • Yes I noticed the twitches is worst on the poorly hydrated days. All of a sudden people I know has cancer and I'm reading in the papers or watching on the TV and seeing people with cancer or that died from it.

  • Sounds like a muscle thing to me, but if you are really worried about it go get it checked.

  • There is a muscle in your neck called the scm, if you strain it you can end up with all sorts of problems, some of which you have described.

    Look on Google for scm strain and you will see.

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