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How do you deal with those who pressure you to talk about your anxiety and panic attacks?

At my apprenticeship I had to do a presentation with the other apprentices. I realised I couldn't do it and asked my manager to not do it;explaining my issue.

I didn't want to tell them why I backed out, I just said I had a reason and it was personal and didn't want to speak about it. They now won't stop teasing me and guessing what is the problem. I feel almost bullied and it almost triggers the problem.

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When I suffered from anxiety I used to try and hide it at first, I felt almost embarrassed that I had it, then I found it difficult at work because people didn't know how bad I felt they used to joke about what was wrong, eventually I just came out with it, once I did I felt so much better, it was like a weight had been lifted, don't get me wrong, some people used to make jokes about it still etc, but I didn't care, I just used to carry on with my work and inside I felt relieved at not having to hide it anymore, I actually didn't care what anyone thought, I felt better and that was all that mattered xxx

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