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Head pressure

Hi .. Struggling a bit , don't feel that I've been particularly anxious but I'm getting lots of head pressure almost migraine like one sided.. Trouble is if I have pain relief ( which isn't working) it's giving me the most awful indigestion.. Which woke me in the night and felt like a heart attack., so had to try hard not to panic!! These heads are happening more or less constantly.. Any thoughts much appreciated thanks ..

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That sounds like a tension headache. They're headaches usually brought on by stress and feel more like pressure than pain. They can be on one or both sides. When I get them the only things that help are NSAIDS and a heat pack on that side of my head. Mine usually last a few days to a week. However I once had one that lasted 6 weeks (very stressful time in my life).

Of course I'm not qualified to make a diagnosis. If you're really worried, I recommend seeing your doctor.


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