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I am so scared

Hi all

Just really need someone to talk to right now.

I suffer with health anxiety in particular but this time round it is just too much to fathom. I have had a cough now and tickle in my throat since about December 2016 and then 10 months before that.

The two chest xrays I have had last year and in March this year was clear including bloods and lung function tests, GP has now given steroid nasal spray and reflux meds NOTHING is working I am waking myself up at night coughing! Feels like something is tickling my throat and cool air when I breathe in its driving me CRAZY and petrified I have terminal lung cancer and they have not detected it yet!

The GP said if the spray and med does not improve anything they will look into the more rarer causes for coughing like this i.e. CANCER....I am beside myself and going back to the Dr tomorrow......I am scared!

Sorry for the fretting but I am literally petrified they find cancer!

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Kayanne1980, I too have had a cough for several years which produces a tickle in my throat. You have done all the right things in order to find an answer which could be many. From GERDS to allergies from dust or mold and so on. Even being anxious can cause a nervous cough. Dry mouth can prompt the throat to become so dry and tickle producing the cough. You are taking the right steps.. One step at a time. Good Luck with your appointment tomorrow. Please let us know how you do. x


Hi kayanne- my daughter had a chronic cough for a LONG time especially overnight- have you tried taking an ORAL antihistamine before bed such as CHLORTRIMETON OR BENADRYL? This worked wonders for her🤗


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