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Hello all my friends just wondering if anyone out there suffers from stress but my symptoms are strange. I get visual problems where it is painful to turn your eyes from side to side and such a thick full head that it feels as if it is going to explode. Then i get all jittery and cant think straight. But if i drink my Purata tablets it goes away . But i cant keep on drinking Purata ( Serepax ) . Is stress supposed to be this bad or is it my imagination. The doctor also put me on Trepiline. Please can someone tell me if they have ever felt this way as well. I absolutely cannot stand it and I am looking for help please. I have a few problems that i am facing and maybe this is giving me the stress. It feels as if i am losing it mentally and physically. Please someone help me with some kind of advice. I just feel so alone in this situation. All my friends think i am mental for feeling so stressed as they have never gad these symptoms before . I just wish i was a normal human being like everyone else.

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It is sooooo typical. You are not alone in this. Advice is this that for three times write down the following:

1: symptoms, exactly what they were in an episode

2: list the exact stressors that led to them if you can work out,

3: how much time the symptoms stayed,

4: how they finished

5: were you able to control the feeling or was helpless

6: was there any extreme fear, palpitations, sweating associated

Aftet 3 episodes now note the similarities in all the points.

Here you are....then I will tell you part 2.

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