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Normal Blood test but want more testing

Good Morning everyone:

So I have an anxiety of being sick and getting cancer. I have posted on here before and I have been struggling tremendously over the last 2 weeks. I had pelvic pain went to the Gyno and he scheduled an ultrasound. Everything was normal. My stomach was hurting me pretty bad so I went to the my GP and she did her thing and then did a complete blood panel and everything was normal. I mean she did every test on my blood and urine and everything is normal. However I am still quite nervous. I would like a Cat scan to confirm there is nothing I should be concerned with.

I got into my doctors portal and emailed her but I have yet to hear back. My father is quite upset. He feels he does not understand what I am going through and that I am healthy but all I see is a health problem. The Nurse Practioner said had my blood results showed anything on my pancreatic enzymes or anything she would have called me in because it shows an inflammation. But again everything is normal. She said she does not know if insurance would pay for my CT SCAN because they don't feel I need it.

I am lost and not sure what to do!

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Betha, don't spend your time trying to recover from illnesses you don't have, spend your time trying to recover from the illness you do have: anxiety. I suggest 'Hope and help with your nerves' by Claire Weekes available from Amazon. It's life-changing.


Thank you!


You have health anxiety and need some therapy to help you break this cycle x

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I spoke with my doctor this evening. She confirmed with me my tests were great. She did not see anything concerning unless she was lying. But because of stomach cramps she said she ordered a CT scan to rule out everything.

I can't stop crying


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