Is this really just anxiety and panic?

I been getting these pains still in my chest they are very scary and my back along middle of my spine hurt I get twitching and spasms in my chest very scary and make me panic this truly cannot be good for my heart I'm so scared of heart disease or heart problems and seizures I'm scared this may be slowly killing me because the pain gets so real and it's like heart related symptoms or serious symptoms they've done plenty of test to rule out heart and lung problems but recently they discovered a tiny mass on my ovary that is not anything to worry about but what. Caused this pain and why is it constant from when I wake to when I sleep I have pains it's very scary and disturbing I'm 19 healthy atleast thought I was and get well enough cardio and exercise but now my heart races just even speed walking please help... AND my head has shocks and zaps sometimes pressure it is very irritating could the doctors have misdiagnosed me? I can't sleep at the moment and my muscles are weak and tired which makes me think my heart is going to give out will it ? I've never had history of anxiety and panic attacks. Until 4 months ago my body is fighting this curse everyday will it go away I'm scared out of my mind help ..


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  • Your okay, its important to remember what your feeling is coming from anxiety. A lot of people with an anxiety disorder feel sharp pains in the chest area, close to the heart too, so close it feels like it is the heart itself thats stinging, trust me my friend, it isnt. I had the same issue, was convinced my heart was starting to fail on me from feeling that sharp pain there. I went to doctors for an EKG, a simple test that checks your heart for any issues, to my surprise, they ave me the all clear and told me that its not my heart itself, my heart is fine, its just from the anxiety, they tell that to most people suffering with anxiety, becuae most people are convinced their heart is failing, it isnt, its normal, youro kay, your heart is fine, its just from anxiety, so dont worry about it. I promise you, if you booked an EKG with your doctor, which you can do to ease your mind if you wish, but they will say to you your heart is fine and that its just anxiety. take it easy

  • Hey Jozelyn,

    I've gotten the zaps and shocks too. Your body is just under extreme stress. I had never had anxiety my whole life until 4 years ago and it was one day, leaving the gym and boom. My life was never the same and I had almost constant attacks. I promise you're fine, the mass on the ovary is common and every girl I know has had/has them.

  • Thank you it's just really scary lately it's been harder the physical symptoms are scaring me I wake up and they are there the dull ache above my left breast and arm into my back it's just like heart attack symptoms I have an ache in my heart aswell or atleast it feels like a heart ache it's pain in the right side as well but not as I headed to a heart attack or sudden death ? I feel like something isn't right truly but it's so hard to accept it as anxiety I do take meds which I'm no fan of meds. This is really scary but I'm keeping my faith that it is just anxiety also weird symptoms along with body aches pressure feeling and excessive belching.. I don't want this to be anything serious I also get weird sensations in jaw...this is so not normal especially for me..

  • The weird sensation in your jaw is likely from muscle tension from the stress, like TMJ. The head pressure I've found to be from muscle tension as well, though it feels like you're going to faint. My doctor put it in the best way possible and it's that we're hypersensitive. For what we try to avoid, we look for around every corner and expect it to go away. The only way I've found to get rid of it all, is to just accept it, not fight it and not listen to the fear, but actually feel the symptom and let it be. Every time I've done this, the anxiety fades, not immediately, but it will eventually go away. Massive acts of determination and faith to step out and push yourself. I know it's scary as hell. I've been there and you think you're going to just drop at any minute, but you're not. You've had the tests done and your heart is 100% healthy. But ultimately, I understand your fear and pain and this whole community understands and we support you.

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