driving me mad

hi i have bin in panic from yesterday i can not seem to move it it is driving me mad i have not had a brack from it for two days i no its my anxiety cuz i have had all blood tests and xrays and thay are all clear but its mad that i can not get rid of the panic and the pain in my back and sides i have a bath ever day to relax but it dont help that mush


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  • Mike1978, try this please...you need to break that panic cycle. Go onto YouTube, select a 10 minute video for deep relaxation/deep breathing. If you train your body and mind to do this, you will respond better by having someone else talk you through your panic. Right now you are too overwhelmed to help yourself. Please give it a listen. And breathe.....

  • I will give it a go thanks

  • Great advice from Agora Mike. This lady knows what she's talking about so please, give it a try okay?

    Also, beautiful picture but consider locking your posts Mike. That way only we here at HU can see your posts/pictures instead of everyone on the web.


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