Body tremors

Hi I'm new,to this whole online forum thing. But I've had body tremors twice so far in this week. Besides that for the pass 3 weeks one before and two after my period I started to experience tinnitus for the first time and sometimes upon standing I would Experience a pounding pulsing sensation in my head it really bothers me my pressure is fine I would also get brief seconds of dizzyness standing or in a vehicle but I did notice there's no dizzyness once my belly is full. But the tinnitus is there and the pulsing in my head n body tremors.. I was wondering if my multi vitamin becoatin could possibly be a cause. Ps I thought that after my period it was anemia.


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  • Can't speak to the period aspect since I don't have those lol but for the others I know them well. I have constant tinnitus, dizziness when standing, and the head issues. Had testing for all of them and come back with nothing. Side note the VNG was not fun. Vitamins can add to these but unless your levels are severely off it's not as likely. Just try and sit or stand slowly. Sometimes that helps. As for the tinnitus I don't know how to get over that. Some people say to avoid sodium. If you find an answer share it.

  • When I am having a FULL BLOWN panic attack I get full body tremors. I don't think much of them as they only came when I'm having a full blown panic attack.

  • As I said I happen twice but whilst sleeping . in between sleep and wake espically if someone calls me out of my sleep. I have never got it during the day.

  • I get them sometimes just as I'm falling asleep or super relaxed. Scares me but they don't last long.

  • How long have you been having it

  • On and off for several months

  • By any chance can tinnitus cause that

  • Tinnitus usually has more to do with your inner ear. I don't think they can cause tremors. Can't say for sure though.

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