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constant nausea, anyone else? (emetophobia)

I have always had problems with anxiety my entire life. I was always petrified of throwing up, which cased most of the anxiety (or the anxiety caused nausea making me scared and more nauseous), however I was able to live a normal and fulfilling life. During my senior year of high school some not so great things happened which I think spiked the anxiety. After I graduated in May of 2016 things went downhill. I started to get extremely nauseous everyday, to the point where I basically would sit at home all day trying to force myself to eat or crying because of how scared I was. Anytime I would drive to far away from home I would get really sick, but the second I got home I would be fine. I ended up quitting my job because I got really nauseous and completely freaked out during work and was too embarrassed to come back. Over the summer the nausea continued and got worse. I spent my days sipping ginger ale and drawing to try to distract myself. I barely saw friends, and they would get upset with me because I would always cancel plans. I ended up making the decision to take a gap year before starting college because I knew I wasn't ready. Now It is almost summer of 2017 and I have not changed much. My parents are really helpful and tried to get me in contact with a therapist but I have trouble leaving the house, and get nervous when I know I have to go somewhere to talk (which isn't a social thing, just a "I'm too sick to talk and if I do ill puke" thing). I am on track to go the the same university I was supposed to before but I am really scared because orientation is June 7th and it lasts from 7am to 5pm. I usually feel ok in the mornings before I eat, but never for that long. I'm trying to email the school asking if I could come in for a shorter time, but so far no luck. If I don't go to this I can't go to the school, and I cannot take another gap year. I feel like I've lost all hope and don't want to keep living like this. The jealously I get from seeing all my friends do all the fun stuff I want to be doing is killing me. I feel so numb and hopeless that i'll ever get better, and honestly just hope that I won't wake up in the morning. Sorry for the long post i'm just curious if anyone is experiencing something similar. Also for those wondering I don't have any diagnosed stomach problems and my doctor couldn't find any problems with my blood or through a stomach x-ray. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Hi! I can soo relate to your situation! I graduated June of 2016 and I was doing great until September of 2016. I had started to feel the nausea the months prior but it wasn't bad and rarely happened. It escalated and added to feeling nauseous I felt worry hard time breathing and shaking. So I I had to quite my job and stopped physically going to my college classes and have been taking classes online. Things got worse until December 2016 I went to a psychiatrist, I was given medication but I haven't taken it because I'm scared of the side effects. I have a hard time leaving the house and spending time with friends. I can be feeling fine at home and then for no reason get nauseous and sometimes just panic.

Message me if you want ☺️ Would love to talk to you! I'm happy to have found your post.

I have literally had this anxiety all my life, it's been on and off and I can't find the reason to what triggers the episodes

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Hi! I'm exactly the same. Mine started with a stomach bug last august that cleared up but the nausea hasn't left me since.

It's turned my world upside down. I have horrible anxiety everyday,

Please message me if you want to chat xx


Hi! I am so happy I just found your post. As I was reading it I felt as if I could have written it myself! I have almost the exact same story. The terrible nausea started my senior year of high school as well & I struggled with going to my college orientation because of the length and being so far away from my home (my college was 2 hours away). When I went to college I was very nervous because I didn't think I could make it up there. Surprisingly I got much better when I went to college. I found that the things I thought I needed like staying close to my home, keeping myself secluded from my friends etc I didn't actually need and I think that really helped me. Well long story short I got pregnant my second semester and had to come back home due to terrible morning sickness and anxiety over that. The pregnancy was extremely hard for me because of the morning sickness & the anticipation of the delivery & the thought that I might be sick while giving birth. Things got better for me once again after I had my son but a couple of weeks ago I came down with the stomach flu. It was the worst nausea I have ever experienced & I threw up for the first time since I was 12 (I'm almost 21 now). I realized that the throwing up wasn't actually as terrible as I thought it would be & I was absolutely deathly afraid of throwing up before. I thought that since I threw up the whole emetophobia thing would go away but I was wrong. Instead everytime I start to feel nauseous I think that I have the stomach flu again because my nausea is so much more intense now. I fear being stuck with the terrible nausea for days like I was when I was sick. Nothing seems to bring me relief anymore. I hardly ever leave my house & I can totally relate to the feeling of not wanting to wake up. When I wake up I just wonder how I will make it through the day & usually spend a large potion of my day crying. I too, have lost so many friends because I don't usually explain all of this to everyone or no one understands. I am also on the verge of losing my job because of how much time I am taking off. I got in contact with one of the only psychologists I could find that deals specifically with emetophobia. She is great. She will do skype chats so it doesn't matter where you live or if you don't feel well enough to leave the house. I got prescribed celexa but am afraid of taking it because of the side effects. Anyways i would love to get in contact with you!


Hi guys. Have any of u found a solution for this damn problem? Thank God I found you. At least now I know there r other ppl who feel the same.. The constant nausea is killing me and there is nothing to do about it :((((

Wish someone could find a cure for this


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