constant nausea, anyone else? (emetophobia)

I have always had problems with anxiety my entire life. I was always petrified of throwing up, which cased most of the anxiety (or the anxiety caused nausea making me scared and more nauseous), however I was able to live a normal and fulfilling life. During my senior year of high school some not so great things happened which I think spiked the anxiety. After I graduated in May of 2016 things went downhill. I started to get extremely nauseous everyday, to the point where I basically would sit at home all day trying to force myself to eat or crying because of how scared I was. Anytime I would drive to far away from home I would get really sick, but the second I got home I would be fine. I ended up quitting my job because I got really nauseous and completely freaked out during work and was too embarrassed to come back. Over the summer the nausea continued and got worse. I spent my days sipping ginger ale and drawing to try to distract myself. I barely saw friends, and they would get upset with me because I would always cancel plans. I ended up making the decision to take a gap year before starting college because I knew I wasn't ready. Now It is almost summer of 2017 and I have not changed much. My parents are really helpful and tried to get me in contact with a therapist but I have trouble leaving the house, and get nervous when I know I have to go somewhere to talk (which isn't a social thing, just a "I'm too sick to talk and if I do ill puke" thing). I am on track to go the the same university I was supposed to before but I am really scared because orientation is June 7th and it lasts from 7am to 5pm. I usually feel ok in the mornings before I eat, but never for that long. I'm trying to email the school asking if I could come in for a shorter time, but so far no luck. If I don't go to this I can't go to the school, and I cannot take another gap year. I feel like I've lost all hope and don't want to keep living like this. The jealously I get from seeing all my friends do all the fun stuff I want to be doing is killing me. I feel so numb and hopeless that i'll ever get better, and honestly just hope that I won't wake up in the morning. Sorry for the long post i'm just curious if anyone is experiencing something similar. Also for those wondering I don't have any diagnosed stomach problems and my doctor couldn't find any problems with my blood or through a stomach x-ray. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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  • Hi! I can soo relate to your situation! I graduated June of 2016 and I was doing great until September of 2016. I had started to feel the nausea the months prior but it wasn't bad and rarely happened. It escalated and added to feeling nauseous I felt worry hard time breathing and shaking. So I I had to quite my job and stopped physically going to my college classes and have been taking classes online. Things got worse until December 2016 I went to a psychiatrist, I was given medication but I haven't taken it because I'm scared of the side effects. I have a hard time leaving the house and spending time with friends. I can be feeling fine at home and then for no reason get nauseous and sometimes just panic.

    Message me if you want ☺️ Would love to talk to you! I'm happy to have found your post.

    I have literally had this anxiety all my life, it's been on and off and I can't find the reason to what triggers the episodes

  • Hi! I'm exactly the same. Mine started with a stomach bug last august that cleared up but the nausea hasn't left me since.

    It's turned my world upside down. I have horrible anxiety everyday,

    Please message me if you want to chat xx

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