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Anxiety- lustral 50mg and propranolol 10mg agoraphobia

Hi everyone.

I had my gallbladder removed in May 2016. I had to stay in my house for a while as I was unwell. Over time I began to get more anxious about going out but felt the fear and did it anyway. (Once or twice a week). Around October 2016 o became super anxious and stopped going out for a while. Come December 2016 I was scared of going out. I only felt happy at home. In April 2017 I started getting panick attacks when going out so I haven't left my house in weeks. I've just started taken vita d3 and folic acid tablets as I have low levels (found out from a recent blood test and started the tablets a week ago) Even thinking about going out makes me sweat, feel dizzy, I get shortness of breath and it feels like my tongue is swelling. It's horrible. My doctor prescribed me 50mg lustral over the phone and also 10mg propranolol. Has anyone else been prescribed these? There's a few side affects I'm scared of.... one says if you have suicidal thought.... that's scary.

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It is very common with lots of anxiety sufferers to have low vitamin levels so take those extra one's and even though it can take a while you should slowly see the benefits and because it can make us feel tired when we have low levels your energy levels hopefully will slowly increase which helps us to deal with the anxiety

The agoraphobia , I also am a sufferer and mine started after I was out and took ill and this was after having an operation , I did not know I was slowly finding reasons why I should not go out or why I was sending others to get what I needed till it was way to late and I mean years to late which even though I keep trying to work on it the longer you leave it the harder it gets so you are lucky that you have picked up on what is happening quiet quickly and because you have please don't do what I did and leave it work on it now

I understand the feeling when you open the door and your heart starts banging , you go hot and start sweating and want to run straight back in where you feel secure but if we do we never get out and that is no life and those feelings that is what they are feelings but we have to face the fear as they say and do it anyway despite everything but having said all that it can be easier said than done

The medication I have never taken it but all meds come with a side effect leaflet which for people like us we would be better of without because straight away we believe it will happen to us which adds more anxiety on top of what we already have but as someone told me , everything has to be reported if someone takes ill and they happen to be taking a certain med , it does not mean that they know 100% it was the med but they have to list it just in case , but also remember that when they list these side effects the percentage as it can be 1 in a 1000 even more that have had a particular side effect and even though our anxiety will say we will be the 1 statistically we won't be , another way the anxiety likes to try and keep a hold on us by telling us these things

Maybe tell yourself you will take these meds for a month , if that seems to long a week , you can go as little as a day and see how you feel , setting a goal to see how after a month you feel and if you feel ok then fantastic but if for some reason you don't you are in control and can always after speaking with your Doctor stop them , but you would have nothing to loose but maybe everything to gain :-)

Let us know how you get on , you are stronger than what you think :-)

Take Care x


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