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Need reassurace

I've had a sore/numb/tingling left arm for over a week. My left shoulder hurts and it's gets really sore when I use it/driving especially and hurts when I tense up. I've noticed my neck going stiff on the left side and my face feels tingly too. I'm thinking I've pinched a nerve or it's just muscular pain but the little voice keeps telling me it's something serious. Just wondering if this is common?

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I had that, mine comes and goes and I'm still around.😳

Some days my neck is more sore and stiff than others.

You were my reassurance as my little voice has been quite a nuisance today. Hope I was yours?


You were !! Let tside of my face keeps going numb aswell. Probably with winding myself up


I'm experiencing the same thing like more than 3 years comes & goes... if the pain becomes sharper when you do specific movements...then don't worry about it... it s the popular neck syndrome which under stress becomes worse... try to have some rest and massage and probably you will feel better...

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Yeah it does all get worse with movement


Hello and good morning (on my time zone).

You have an insightful reply already, and sounds like you identified with it. But, just as a thought, I hope you have had a physical in recent months.

The arm symptoms I can identify with, muscle or muscles squeezing and causing pain when you drive, etc. I have that periodically when I am sitting, and using my arms, such as when driving. Deep muscle massage helped a great deal to relieve it. (deep muscle massage when sometimes I feel like breathing deeply because it sometimes "hurts" for a second when the therapist is really working on the correct muscles.LOL)

But my annual physical found that perhaps a disc in my neck might be moving a bit at times, and pressing on the nerve that travels down my neck and arm. So was sent to a physical therapist who taught me simple exercises to reposition the disc to its' proper position. The disc was fine, just a part of it needed "encouragement" to ease back into place.

So, this just some feed back my experience...the physical therapist was a coach for a little league and had to do some of these types of exercise for his neck and lower back during the "playoff" games.

Sorry you have this annoyance, which must make you hesitant to drive at times. Hope it improves, but your acceptance of it and you just keep going is great. Best wishes to you.

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It doesn't all kick off when I drive. My doctors have continually told me it's all muscular . Today it kicked off in right arm and boulder when I got into the car


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