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So I was feeling pretty good. I had a little Braggs acv with honey mixed in water to help with my seasonal allergies and upset stomach. After I didn't feel any discomfort, just a little off because I didn't feel like wearing my glasses. But anyways, as soon as I noticed I felt good, my mind started to wander and BAM anxiety symptoms kicked in. Could it be I'm so used to not feeling good that when I feel Great I get anxious? The wind is blowing so nice, I'm sitting on the back deck and I feel anxious. Interesting.


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  • Every night I go to bed usually with NO nausea, NO symptoms....I think "ok I will wake just like this tomorrow!" As soon as I open my eyes the nausea starts then the panic....even though I have been thinking positive! Nothing makes sense to me anymore. Do you really think we will ever be normal? I was in such agony all yesterday, all night and until 1pm this afternoon with I note it is gone?? why? Where? what did it? There just is no answer

  • I was like that at one point. I can honestly say I have improved so much, I don't feel that dreadful feeling when I wake up anymore. I was looking at positive images and quotes, things that made me smile before I would go to sleep and that morning dreadful panic feeling has gone away.

  • I think of all those so much worse off than me, living with ailments and pain, and I tell myself I am lucky. My granddaughter made me a box, lined with alllllllll happy photos taken of me over the years with family and friends...I am told to look at them and remember it may be like that again. She also wrote me 61 hand written notes of encouragement and inspirational quotes to read when it is really bad. I read. I cry. I hope.

  • That is so beautiful and also something to look forward to. I remind myself everyday how blessed I am. About 2 days ago I was at Walmart sitting in my car, I looked up and a blind man with a severe scarred face from what looked like burns or something walked by my car. He was going in to Walmart, he used his cane to walk and I just stared at him while I prayed for him in my head. But we are so focused on what hurts and other things that we don't stop to be grateful and happy for all of the Great Things we have, like our senses, or family, or our homes etc. ❤

  • I weekly did visiting to a nursing home....a lady I was matched with....(my 2nd lady) you see so many sad cases in there, people who would give anything to trade with you, let you stay in their place and them be able to leave and go home. Not all are old either. When my mother was in a nursing home there was a young man who had been in a car/train accident, was admitted in his 20's, he is still there in his 40's now.....he lost an arm and a leg, plus brain injuries. Yes there is always someone worse off that you as my Mom used to say. I would still like to be able to control my own thoughts and fears.

  • Yes true Indeed. We will get there

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