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Panic attacks for years

I've had panic attacks on and off for many years. Can go a long time without but for the last 20 years has become normal for me. Last night for no reason I was almost asleep and woke up to feel I wasn't here and couldn't get myself back to reality. Love to hear from anyone who has this and I also have migraine without the headache and have the awful flashing lights

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Mojowic, when you say migraine without the headache you may mean Scintilating Scotomata, it usually starts when you realise there's a small hole in your vision, then when you close your eyes you see this scintilating zig-zag pattern that slowly moves across your field of vision and then after 20 minutes fades and, hey presto, back to normal and as you say no headache. I presume that's what you're describing, I've had them on and off for 40 years, not very frequently but they're defo anxiety linked.

Panic attacks and feelings of unreality are standard issue anxiety of course. Maybe you've had extra pressures in your life recently that has resurrected these symptoms, either way the answer is always the same. This is not life threatening, it won't make you crazy or cripple you, it's 'just' an over sensitised nervous system suffering from overload and letting youknow it. So don't fight it, instead just accept it without adding fresh fear to your nerves. If you keep on accepting the symptoms rather than fighting them your nervous system will quieten down and you will feel back to normal.


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