Is this derealisation?

Lately I've been feeling weird things. By that I mean I become aware of my surroundings and be a wee bit freaked out when I analyse it all and wonder if reality is even there or real. I was wondering if this is derealisation caused by my anxiety or not. I was feeling a bit stressed this week due to college and that's when the feelings kicked in. Is this normal? Thanks.


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  • I feel like this every damn day sitting in front of a dough press making pizza every single day lol

    Seriously tho man it's just the brains natural way of trying to make sense of shit sometimes

  • Sounds like it. That's my hell for over 2 months now. Depersonalization/derealization... aka HELL

  • I know right? I get weird moments where I get freaked out by reality itself. I REALLY hope I'm not going insane!

  • Me too but that's all part of it and don't let the brain mess with you. I do a lot of reading about it. You have to educate yourself so you can understand it and be less freaked out. But it sucks! Usually crazy people don't know they are crazy so we are good.

  • I've experienced this off and on for about 3 months . It is super scary and bizarre. It makes you question everything . I do have moments where it lifts but if I get just a little stressed it comes back. At first it would scare me to tears now it's just like a "here we go" feeling usually if you just ride it out it goes away . I've read about many ppl overcoming this so I do have hope that this too shall pass . Best of luck to you !

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