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Need some advise someone let me know Asap!

Soo i ate a chicken sandwitch and fries but for some reason ever sense that meal my heart been beating hard and fast even when i get up or im sitting down and i get up aswell dont know if i should take a beta blocker or what because i havent took a beta blok er in like three or 4 days but i can feel my hearting beat fast and hard and getting a little chest pain that comes and goes idk what to do and another if i take a beta blocker can i drink or no?

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Check your blood pressure


118,74,84 thats what its says pulse is 84


I urge you to read about the side effects of MSG. monosodium glutamate is the devil reincarnate. it will make your heart race, headache, stomach ache, etc. It is an excitotoxin and is very bad for you. I say this to you because you mentioned eating a chicken sandwich and fries. So, I'm guessing you went to a fast food place. If you went to KFC, then you REALLY need to read up on MSG.


yeah it did


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