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New to online support....looking for any and all advice!

I am new to forums like this, but I want to start by saying that it is comforting to know that I am not alone. I'm a 24 year old female. My maternal side of the family has a definite history of anxiety issues. My grandma has been taking Prozac and the occasional Xanax for the past 40 years, my great aunt suffers from hypochondria and just general anxiety and takes Xanax as needed. From talking with them it seems as though another one of my aunts, a cousin, and my great grandmother suffer as well. (yay genetics...)

When I was little I had extreme separation anxiety from my mother. I had difficulty going to school and after school activities. I outgrew that to a point, but I feel like one of my main sources of anxiety is the fear of losing her. Just recently I lost my horse that I loved and owned for 10 years. That set off a year long spiral of up and down anxiety. Right after losing him I had extreme fear of death and time...we recently went to California for vacation and that triggered EXTREME anxiety...and just this last week I had an allergic reaction that caused my face to swell. I was put on Prednisone and while it cleared up the hives, my anxiety seems to be at an all time high. To add to that, I seem to have developed some hypochondriasis as well. My heart rate has been high for the past week, my chest hurts, I haven't been eating, sometimes nauseous. I'm worried that the constant stress I've been putting myself under is going to cause me to become ill. My sleeping hasn't been awful but it also hasn't been great.

My family is very supportive and my fiance is doing the best he can to help me. They all say don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy the day while you have it. Easier said than done though, right?

I have a prescription for Prozac, but I am honestly scared to start taking it. I'm not sure what exactly I'm looking for here...maybe just some advice on how to cope? Has anyone had success without medication? Any words of wisdom? I don't want to feel like this anymore :(

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