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How do I get through work

Any advice on how to get through a workday while having panic attacks and having to walk around with no energy and shaky legs. I work at a nursing home so I even said to myself that if I pass out this would be a good place to do it but when that fight or flight feeling comes I feel like I just need to get out. I have not been able to complete an 8 hour workday in a while and I can't afford not to work. My boss and coworkers know how crappy I feel and are very accommodating. I wake up every morning with a panic attack dreading the work day and I used to really enjoy and excell at my job. I am trying to get on some drugs that will work for me but not there yet. Anyone have any experiences with low dose Ativan, I wonder if this would be a possibility just to get through work when the panic sets in.

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Hi There- I do deep breathing and go to a nice quiet place for a minute or two if i can. I work in a large office, so sometikes i just sit at my desk, close my eyes, and focus on breathing with my diaphraghm. It opens up your lungs and stops the panic


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