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One of the tools we need to have when we have anxiety is to give ourselves a chance to succeed and to celebrate when we do. Please join me, if you would like, in setting one simple goal for your day, posting it here, and following up. This is not a place to worry about what others will think or overthink your goal. Pick something simple that doesn't require a lot of steps. Start where you are. Here are some examples:

-Get out of bed at 9am

-Take my medication

-Call someone

-Go for a walk

-Do the dishes

When I was admitted to the hospital for my mental health, they gave me this format for setting goals. If it's too much for you, don't worry about it. Just do a little of it for right now.



Why this goal is important to me:

Steps to take to accomplish this goal:

Did you accomplish your goal?

If not, what would you change for next time?

Here's mine:

Date: (I guess we don't really need this part, as the date is on the post already lol oh well) April 8, 2017

Goal: Take a shower before 10am today. (It makes me feel silly to set a goal so simple on a page so public, but, you know what? I don't care. Because this is going to help me. And hopefully others, too.)

Why this goal is important to me: This is not something I normally do, since I don't go to work until 1pm. Some days I don't shower at all. I need to start my day before I go to work so I can get things done around the house and so I can take better care of my dog (and myself!) My day always goes better when I actually get up and DO things instead of laying in bed all day until the last minute when it's time to go to work.

Steps to take to accomplish this goal:

1. Set an alarm for 9:30am.

2. Go back to sleep. Not sure why I woke up at five this morning.

3. Tell my husband my goal when we wake up so he can encourage me to do it.

4. Get up and shower when my alarm goes off.

Did you accomplish your goal?

If not, what would you change for next time?

Here goes!

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5 Replies

  • Great to see a lovely positive post on here I did similar when I was very poorly its amazing how just having a shower and getting dressed can be a huge achievement It really helped me I'm well now and I can recommend this to everyone it's great to see day by day how you get better😊

  • My goal for today was to play outside with my little boy no matter what my heart beat was doing or how dizzy i felt or how much my migraine was pounding.....and i did it! 30 mins of catch in the wonderful new forest! Thanks for starting this topic!

  • Awesome! I'm so glad you were able to do that!

  • Goal accomplished! Hooray! 😆

  • How are you getting along? Hope all's well & your goal setting's working for you.

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