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May 1, 2017 Goal

It's a new month! What's your goal going to be today? Mine is to clean out my closet so I can find something to wear for the Derby party. Now share yours! 😁

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My goal is to entertain my brain and try to work on my blog.




Hello, are you in Louisville? If so you know to have your Derby outfit hanging on your closet door and your finest Derby hat on your dresser by know. The festival started a few weeks ago. :)

Have a wonderful time at the party!

Since I cannot be in Louisville this year, I am a bit melancholy.

My goal today is to look at some old photos and remember my father, the Kentucky Derby, and make an alcohol free mint julip.

My favorite memories of my father, I think, were when I was a teenager with him on the rail watching the thoroughbred horses flying around the track of the Downs. Pegasus, rightly so, is a symbol of Churchill Downs. He was trained to ride these speed machines, but stopped once he was married and had children. It was too dangerous a sport for a husband and father of six. Our house was with in walking distance of the track.

He was challenged with Parkinson's in his 80's when he rode his last pleasure horse, an Icelandic beauty. One year before he died in my arms at the nursing home where he resided in the last stages of Parkinson's, a special invitation reached him. Arrangements had been made to attend a fall racing day at Churchill Downs to what would be his last visit before his death on the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assi.

A special box high above in millionaire's row was offered to him, which he politely declined. He wanted to be at the rail. He could no longer speak or walk, was bundled in a high back rock/roll wheelchair, and rolled in this "special carriage" under and through the twin spires into a "winners circle" at the rail.

He had close views of the horses passing under and through the twin spires, on to the track, enter the starting gate, racing around the track and passing the finish line. The jockey scales were close by, affording the winning jockeys to have their photo taken with him. At ninety he was the oldest jockey trained man they had ever met. Father was alert and smiling throughout the afternoon, just like so many years ago when side by side on the rail, he was teaching me about his sport.

Thank you very much for asking what my goal would be for tomorrow. :) My day is made!


How cool to have that story in your family! I will not be at the actual Derby. My boss hosts a Derby party each year. I know I have waited too long to find my outfit!! But today I will get it figured out.


I'm certain you'll figure out the outfit depending whether the party is outdoors or inside. Many of the locals in Louisville stay away from the Downs on Derby because of the people visiting there....the Downs holds about 170,000. Instead there are all afternoon parties at homes with Kentucky ham, grilled meat, potato salads, Derby Pie, drinks, including mint juleps (which are awful if not made correctly,) etc., watch the races all afternoon on broadcast by the local TV station place their bets through local bookies, or just among the party attendees...but the Derby hats were the main item of interest of women...the actual clothes worn can vary, but went with the hats somehow.

I have a collection of Derby hats from "teasers" to full blown feathered ones. Wish I could send one through this screen to you!

.....Along with a horse shoe taken from a past Derby winner. (I met a well-known farrier once on a plane to Louisville who dealt with high-end stake racers. He would save for me a few of the shoes he removed each year. I'd send them as presents throughout the year to other people I met to hang upside down for luck.

Please have a really great party Saturday. I'll think of you at post time, and wish I could be there too. Does your boss have the lyrics to "My Old Kentucky Home" by Foster so you sing along when the band plays it before the actual Derby race? If not, I'll try to find them and send them to you.

How far from Louisville is your party? I might try to crash your party by trying to send myself through the computer screen. lol :).

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My goal is to start a journal. I'm 37 & never been good at keeping 1. Maybe putting some of the bad thoughts on paper will be therapic.


Great goal! Let me know how it goes!


Well I started my journal. ☺ Didn't write a lot, but at least I started. Going to keep it on my nightstand, so hopefully I'll write more.


Will do. You let us know what pretty outfit you decide on for the party.😊


Aww thanks, I will!


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