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The best 37 minutes you could spend - Update

Hi All, some of you may have seen my recent post about the single resource library recording from Micheal Mahoney Anxiety Audio Program.

I got an email today mentioning the 25% additional discount Micheal offered to members of this board for the single or full Anxiety program will expire at midnight Sunday UK time. I have replied saying I will pass this on.

I contacted him to ask for this and he obliged. The 25% is on top of the high discount already offered on his site. For those that missed my post the single track I referred to is healthyaudiohypnosis.com/co...

The discount code is HU-Anx25 I got great benefit from his program and found his resource library and explanation of the mind and body connection so useful, and so easy to grasp.

I have no vested interest in this, only helping when and how I can.


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Thanks Alun. I can also recommend books, CD's etc., they offer another angle and are certainly worth a bash. ;)


Hi Paulbleasy, Your welcome. Yes all things that we find useful can only help the cause thats for sure. Peace!


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