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I'm Really Anxious. Help?


Hi, my name is Shelly and I am having anxiety about my health. My leg has been hurting for the past few days, and it keeps scaring me that I have an illness. I keep searching up google symptoms, and I am now really worried about my health! Sometimes my anxiety keeps me up at night, and I just need to calm down. I get really scared, and I don't know what to do! I know 13 year olds aren't supposed to have anxiety, but i'm also having trouble at home with my divorced parents. what do I do? ~Shelly

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Have you been drinking enough water? I get leg cramps often when I'm dehydrated! What kind of pain is it?

It is pain in my knee, but it stays there all the time. I get really scared :( It's midnight right now, and I don't know what to do!

The pain is sharp sometimes, sometimes it's pulsing, and sometimes it's making my knee feel really weird

I wouldn't worry about it too much (ha totally easier said than done I know). To help ease your mind, could you go to a walk-in clinic or the like tomorrow just to get it checked out maybe?

Hi my problem is, I am Jewish, and celebrating a very important Jewish girl's milestone on sunday. I just don't want to have a leg problem because i'm going to be dancing most of the time D:

Haha I get it! Is there a walk in clinic nearby you or could you call a dr just to get it checked out to put your mind at ease?

Hi, it's midnight right now, and I can't really call a doctor at the moment XD I guess i'm going to get it checked out after my ceremony on Sunday. Thank you for helping, and is it ok if I message you again for some anxiety help? I don't really know how i'm going to talk about this to anyone else.

Tomorrow is Friday though could you get in before the weekend? And sure message anytime. I need to go to sleep now though or I'll be in trouble tomorrow :)

also have you had anxiety before this or has this triggered it?

I've had anxiety before. I feel that I don't see my dad as much, and I ask my mom about seeing him more. It didn't really work out, and I started having a small panic attack. I was at my dad's house, and I told him about everything. I spoke to him about it, and it seemed like I have anxiety. I haven't gotten a legal diagnosis, but I am pretty sure I have it :(

Oh sweet pea you are too young to be having these scary thoughts! You may have twisted your leg or sat weirdly or slept on it wrong. There won't be anything wrong with you. See if your mum or dad can give you a paracetamol a couple of hours before your celebration and then you can really enjoy your milestone. Also it would be really helpful to talk to someone about your fears and worries. Usually school has a counsellor. You do not need to be doing this alone. I have a 12 yo daughter and a 15 yo son and i know the pressures you teens are under and if you are adding your parents divorce on top you will be feeling very lost and alone. I am sure the Jewish community will have some very kind and understanding people so seek out someone you trust and tell them. They say "a problem shared is a problem halved". Best wishes v 😘

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Thank you so much! This brightened my day, and I feel way better. I really appreciate you help, and I guess i'm going to try and cope with my anxiety❤️ Best wishes to you too😁

Hello, I have suffered from anxiety from a very young age. What you are going through at home will cause you to have these feelings, and the more you worry the worse the pains can get. When I am feeling low my legs ache, my head and neck ache. (You're not alone, lots of people get aches due to their emotions)

If you are able to go for a slow walk in a park or a field to clear your mind (take music it's amazing) and sit on a bench or the grass and listen/look at your surroundings. Nature has an amazing way of helping people take a break from the stresses of life.

Also speak with a loved one (someone who you think will understand) about how you are feeling at the moment, hiding how you feel can make things so much more difficult to cope with.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I took your advice, and spoke about it with a loved one (my dad). I have access to walking in a park, and a soccer field. I can't thank you enough for helping me :D

You're welcome :) I'm glad you were able to talk with your Dad, it's always good to speak with a loved one. If it's difficult to speak with your mum at the moment, you could write a small note about how you're feeling. My parents used to get loads of notes and drawings, but it helped them understand how I was feeling at the time.


Hello dear Shoolabubba, I have suffered anxiety since the age of 7. I am now 60. I am so very sure that what you are feeling is due to either :

- anxiety,

- a twisted ligament in your knee (nothing serious). The pain will be felt more at rest.

- growing pains.

But definitely, nothing to be scared about. A sore knee is a very common thing that usually is no indication of anything serious for someone your age let alone, someone older I have a sore knee as well and I have never even mentioned it to my doctor

Have you tried to put ice on it? Sometimes it helps.

Do you do a lot of sports that involves running? Using your lower body? So you wear heels? Did you fall recently?

Also people wiht anxiety are more aware of their body pain and create their body pain by contracting their muscles without knowing it.

The knee is a tricky joint as well. Does not take much to feel pain in a knee.

I hope you can enjoy your weekend and will put it in the back of your mind.

Take care

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