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Have a few questions

Have a few questions and hoping if anyone can offer advice or reassurance :)

Is it possible to have small and large panic attacks?

Also, a lot of people get chest pains and tightness with panic attacks but I never get those. I know people panic differently but it makes me think mine are more than panic attack. I usually get lightheaded and dizzy hot racing heart sometimes and hot flashes

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How long have you had them?


Since october


Also of course racing heart, fee like I'm dreaming and AND overwhelming sense to get away from wherever I am


Hi Courtflyjay, The small ones are "anxiety attacks" and the large ones "panic attacks".

Anxiety attacks come more frequently and can wax and wane whereas the panic attack comes less frequently but wipes you out completely. Hope that helps distinguish the two.


Thanks!! Any advice on the chest tightness?


Courtflyjay, remember there is no set rule to how your body reacts to the surge of adrenaline when under stress. I personally never got chest pain and yet chest tightness is with me to this day. Overworked chest wall muscles that can sometimes make you feel as if you can't take a deep breathe. But know it has nothing to do with your heart or lungs. Heart palps, cold flashes, hot flashes, sweats etc. Each person reacts differently...Lightheaded and dizzy were my biggest fears which then added additional tightness and stress on the chest, neck and shoulder muscles. It just goes round and round unless we put a stop to it by understanding and accepting this as anxiety. It's a work in progress.


I also wonder if mine are something more. It starts with buzzing brain vibration and goes down my body and then I no longer feel my body because I go into tunnel vision and everything feels fake. Even when it starts. Like an out of body. Like a dream. I don't know if there's such thing as derealization attacks or that's just a panic attack with derealization. But it's hell. And I been struggling for 6 weeks now. I want my life back.


I get panic attacks I get chest tightness, I get dizzy and out of body feeling, plus I convulse and get really shaky and sometimes exorcist puke and can barely talk


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