10 years ago I experienced really bad anxiety for a full month where I couldn't eat or anything and I lost so much weight. Then it just vanished one day and now after some relationship problems last summer the anxiety came back. I am finally trying to deal with it all but I find it so difficult to feel normal all the time. Does anyone have any specific tricks that they do to help calm themselves down? The worst part is when I feel anxiety I never even know why I am feeling that way.


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  • Have you read DARE the new way to end anxiety By Barry McDonagh The book has work wonders for me No I do not believe I will ever be 100% but I'm working hard for 99% Best of Luck with your recovery

  • Download an app called Headspace and do the 10 day challenge. It changed my life, I was similar I had incredible anxiety for months lost 40lbs and convinced myself I couldn't walk and now months later I'm back to normal it's crazy how strong your mind is.

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