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Hi I am 16 weeks pregnant and I feel my anxiety is just starting back up! I need to nip it in the bud before it gets bad again as I am pregnant. I am a worrier I worry about everything that's happened over analyse everything overthink everything until I persuade myself I have done something. I persuade myself o have done something when I haven't I know that sounds insane does anyone have the same kind of thing. I have everything I could need we ask for and I am not going to let anxiety take over and ruin it!! It's come from nowhere!! Xxx

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You know there are anxiety medications like Zoloft that are safe for pregnancy. You should talk to your obgyn about it!


My anxiety has started back up I am 16 weeks pregnant I am a massive worrier but in a different way I sound mad when I say this but I am in a fantastic relationship but I can think back on a memory from years ago and o add bits to it that never happend me persuade myself I have don't something wrong. I know this sounds insane but I look back on night out with friends and work colleagues and persuade myself I have cheated on my partner even though I would never ever do such a thing. It's like my head playing mind games with me.


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