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Ladies problems

Hi, do any of you ladies have problems with your down below bits due to anxiety ? At the moment im having weird feelings like a rush of blood is coming to the surface of my skin and it feels warm and uncomfortable, i also have a ache in the bottom of my tummy ( feels like a pulled muscle or when you touch a bruise) just wondered if it could be anxiety, that's what my doctor thinks but i also think once you are labelled with something thry dont look to hard.

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I think you are right that sometimes when we have anxiety some Doctors can try and put everything down to that and do not look any further but you know your own body and if you are not happy wit what they have said go back and ask again , maybe see a different Doctor in the same surgery to see if a second opinion will be any different

On a positive if it is not getting any worse then that is good but if you feel it is then insist they investigate further but hopefully it will go away as quick as it has come on

Let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x


Yes. I have major pressure in bilateral ovary area as well as pain, I feel like anxiety attacks every organ system in some ways. If I push on those areas it actually hurts but it seems to go away a couple hours after anxiety episode. I have had ovarian cysts burst before and it's a totally different feeling, more stomach cramp pain. I am going to the gynocologist to see if I can get my hormone levels tested since I have been battling a lot of dizziness and fatigue ( prob anxiety but trying to rule things out) since not on birth control pills recently.


Yes I have .more dryness and hard to get in the mood for sure


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