heart problems

has anyone had a weird sharpish pain near the heart and sometimes on the heart? I've had an ECG test and everything is fine and also do you guys get short of breath after eating? i feel like my anxiety is worse after i eat but sometimes i do overeat since i love food so much and become so full i can't breathe hahaha. and also a brain freeze type of feeling in the head? if anyone has any of these symptoms please share :)


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  • hey ... yes ive had pains in my heart well I think they are pains but apparently its physical symptoms of anxiety because I had a ecg aswell and it came back fine... I panic when eating and after I sometimes think I shouldn't of eaten... my anxiety is controlling my life atm... so glad I'm not the only one out here with these symptoms !! xx

  • what does your pains feel like can i ask? do you ever get those feelings where the doctor made a mistake or like there must be something else wrong my health makes my anxiety so much worse. yeah i've had anxiety my whole life but didn't really understand what it was so i never paid attention but last year i had my first panic attack and ever since then i've been having anxiety all the time. i been getting better each day but I've still got a long way too go. it feels like it is controlling my life too i miss the old me xx

  • That's how I feel when I'm allergic or "think" I ate something I'm allergic to

    I start to freak out it got so bad I called the ambulance on myself

  • Anxiety tenses the body especially the neck and chest. Even normal job stress can make the neck, head and chest tight.

  • What you have is indigestion, i had that, have gaviscon after your meals

  • no way! i feel so silly now haha thank you for your advice xx

  • I do i get the same thing i went to the hospital a few days ago thinking i was having a heart attack it wasnt going fast just pain and they tell me women get this thing that feels like a heart attack i need to get the word off my paper but they told me to take ibprophine and heating pad on my chest lol...and i eat the same way im so full right now lol

  • the amount of times i've went into hospital thinking i was having a heart attack is so embarrassing .. but its just that every time i get symptoms i think to myself ''what if this time its different'' then it makes my anxiety worse.

    lol i love food too much i feel so bad after

  • I know what you mean ! im feelimg the same to day and my husband is sick too making him home made chicken soup lol and i got my merina IUD in and im in pain and bleeding sucks

  • ouch! is this new contraception? i was on cerezette before its a pill and you take it everyday, i had to come off it as i felt like it made me feel so depressed and down wish men could take the contraception instead us woman go through enough!

  • It the thing that goes up there lol for 5 years uhg it sucks im cramping and i dont feel good my hearts acting up i feel like ima faint 😕

  • does anyone ever get fixated on their breathing and get scared when they breathe in that they are going to feel a stabbing pain of a heart attack etc? that's my issue today, every single breathe in i'm waiting for a sharp pain.. how can I not feed my anxiety if I am constantly thinking about this?!!?!?

  • i get that! apparently its nothing to do with anxiety, one time when i was in hospital i asked a nurse what it was and she didn't know herself what it was but she gets it too.. the stabbing pain hurts when i breathe in then i get scared to breathe so i hold my breath for a second then it just goes. is yours also like that?

  • Mine never actually hurts I'm just expecting it to hurt with every breathe in I take. So that must be anxiety. Then because I don't breathe properly I get short of breathe and it's a viscous cycle.

  • Yes !!!!

    I've had that happen a few times and it freaks me out,

    Sometimes it'll be like a soreness or a sharp sting.

    Most of the time I think it's just heart burn or something I ate but you'll be fine trust me,

    As long as you eat pretty decently healthy & exercise whenever you can and are in general good health I'm sure it's nothing serious. It's hard to ignore but just remember you'll be ok !!

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