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pregnant or anxiety causing missed or late period?

i am worrying myself sick! my period is 5 days late. i am having my normal pms moodiness and i am bloated with slight cramping sometimes but that's it's. my boobs normally get very sore and swollen before a period but they are not at all. i have been sexually active for only a few months now and we use condoms safely everytime. also within the past month i have suffered from severe anxiety. i have been getting panic attacks and fatigue when my anxiety is bad. also this past month i got a virus which caused me to lose 11 pounds (117 to 108) in just a few days. i am worrying that i could be pregnant but i am just wondering if my symptoms sound like pregnancy or is it more likely that my missed period has been caused by my anxiety and weight loss this past month? please help!

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Hi jaci7926, Yes anxiety could cause your period to be late but you have had other issues within the last month. The virus causing you to loose a significant amount of weight and being sexually active. It would be best to see your OBG first before a goto to anxiety. I think it would give you some peace of mind in just having it checked out. Keep us updated. x


Anxiety and stress can definitely lead to a late period. Plus you you did have dramatic weight loss which could have stressed your body. Take a pregnancy test to have peace of mind or make an appointment to see your doctor.

Hope this helps


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