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Freddy Kruger

Anxiety is like freddy kruger(watch the movie) once you feed the fear it gets worse some people have minor symptoms while others have more severe, me myself i have had "ALL" the symptoms you name i experience it calm your mind down we say we feel like we are dyin but whoever died before? Think about it people, im 40 years old an i should be ashamed of myself for letting the mind that God gave me go haywire if anyone wants to call me about anxiety my number is 7733318844

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Tonyhope, I have seen the Freddy Kruger movie many times and you are right, the fear grows fast when feeding into it. I have noticed, the more times I have seen the movie, the less sensitized I become to it. What is it about anxiety that makes it feel "new" each time even knowing what to expect? It's the fact we are not accepting it as anxiety. Our minds immediately go to it being a physical reality. Very cunning of anxiety.

Tony, I hope you are out of the hospital now. Feel better, feel calmer and take care. :)


Thanks so much sister

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